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I am an entrepreneur, senior digital marketing consultant and content strategist.

Strategic Guidance

My proven process gets to the heart of what differentiates a brand while crystalizing the customer’s needs, mindset, and influences.  These insights serve as the springboard for strategic content plans that amplify brand value, widen the competitive gap and drive growth. Learn about my:

content strategy and marketing consulting services
Content Strategy Workshops

Marketing Planning Resources

I founded Annum to make marketing planning easier. We recently introduced a free newsletter designed to help businesses plan ahead and we have a subscription-based marketing calendar tool in development. Learn more:

Consumer and Buyer Insights

I track macro trends in consumer and buyer behavior and challenge myself to get to an actionable insight. It’s here I share those findings along with my thoughts on brand positioning, content strategy and design.

Learn more about how my data-driven approach to content strategy can provide the clarity you are looking for.

Check out a few case studies detailing past work with clients. Or click below if you’d like to connect.