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content strategist
digital marketing consultant, content strategist

I have experience in building brands from the inside. I’ve operationalized content programs so that I could stretch my budget to do more. As a result I am opinionated.

Senior Marketing Consultant

Content Strategist

Patty Radford Henderson

My passion lies in illuminating opportunities for marketers.

I am a seasoned content strategist and marketing consultant with a proven track record of delivering top and bottom line results for national brands. I’ve worked in product development, manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality, e-commerce, and service delivery.

I’ve spent half my career on the corporate side and the other half on the agency side with leadership positions at Target, Regis Corporation, Martin|Williams, Colle & McVoy, Magnet 360, and Union Park, a digital agency I co-founded.

I’ve always been fascinated with consumer trends, emerging media and buyer insight. Ever since my first job out of college my marketing efforts have revolved around brand strategy, content marketing and editorial planning. Over the course of my career I’ve developed a proven methodology for pulling actionable insight from web analytics and market research to gain a deep understanding of the customer’s needs, mindset, habits and influences as inputs to marketing strategy. This methodology combined with a broad base of experience helps me quickly assess business opportunities and architect plans for growth.

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